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Dr. Powell enjoys helping the entire family with their dental needs.

He has been providing, dental cleanings, dental crowns, veneers, braces for adults & children to the metro Detroit area for over 20 years.

Dr. Powell is conveniently located in Sterling Heights, MI.

Healthy teeth are important! Dr. Powell provides preventative cleanings as well as periodontal services. He also uses laser dentistry to address issues of periodontal disease in his Sterling Heights dental office.


Dr. Powell provides low-cost braces for adults & children. Dr. Powell has helped so many patients AFFORD braces. Dr. Powell creates beautiful smiles. Dr. Powell does all braces including Invisalign!

Patients cannot stop smiling when their braces treatment is complete! 



Are you happy with your smile? If you want a smile make-over, Dr. Powell is the person to see. The consult is free. Dr. Powell can go over your options for a smile make-over. Dr. Powell is a Sterling Heights, MI dentist.

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David Powell, DDS

2020 Chesley Drive

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